Slots Myths

The slot player's world is full of myths. Many of these myths have been spread throughout many casinos for many, many years while some have been around only recently. Many people who play slots believe these myths to be true and avoid or follow them in the hopes of winning the jackpot.

The reason why the myths persist is that the people who play the slots are not educated on or know enough information about how the slot machine works.

Listed below are the top myths of Slot machines.

Myth #1: Avoid pressing the Max Credit button (play button) and pull the handle instead. It will bring more luck.

Truth: This is a false myth. Pressing the button or pulling the handle will not bring more good or bad luck. It is just a way to inform the machine that the player is about to start a new game. There is no difference in gameplay other than expending more energy of the player in pulling the handle.

Myth #2: Use actual coins instead of credits when playing the slots. It increases the chances of winning.

Truth: This myth is completely false because using coins instead of credits makes the player expend more energy and makes the player play slower as a result. Using actual coins in the machines makes no difference for there are no special sensors or mechanisms that adjust the chances of winning.

Myth #3: The payoff symbols on the slot machine readout are missing. This means that the jackpot is inevitable.

Truth: False. Slot machines have what is called an RNG (random number generator) chip that does nothing else but continually generate random spins constantly. Even while the slot machine is not being used, the chip continues to generate random number combinations. The chances of one finding the right combination is about a million to one. Any payoff symbols that appear above or below the payout line simply means that the player has lost.

Myth #4: If a player has been playing a particular slot machine for a long time, the player is due for a payout.

Truth : False. The chances of a player winning after a long time at the slots compared to a newcomer who plays for a short time then wins the jackpot are about the same. The computer chip in the slot machine generates random winning combinations and by pure luck can a person win regardless of the time spent playing.

Slot machine myths only exist to confuse and deter newcomers to the game from having fun and enjoying themselves. The best advise any one can give would be to play the slots and hope for the best.