How to Play Slots in Land-Based Casinos

You can say that playing slots is a no-brainer since the game is really easy to play. That may be true for the most part, but there is really more to it than it would seem. If you think beyond what you usually see, you will notice that there's more to playing slots than just sitting down at a slot machine, feeding it your coins, and pressing the spin button.

Here's a guided tour that every new slot player should know when playing slots in a land-based casino for the first time. The steps will contain some of the best practices that are sometimes neglected even by the players who should know better.

When you walk through the casino doors, you don't just walk straight to the slot machines. The very first place you should visit is the promotions booth. A very important item you should be taking from this booth is called the slot player's club card. Once you have one, you should never play a slot machine without having this card inserted in the card reader. In case the card reader in your favorite slot machine is broken you should ask a casino host to have your game recorded.

Now that you have your player's card it's time to choose a machine to play on. You should read the instructions on the machine and see if the pay table is fair enough. Reading pay tables should become a habit to any slot player. Make sure you play only in prime locations as these will have machines that will have a higher payout percentage. Slot machines at the change booths, cafes, and ones that are elevated for everyone to see are good to play.

A good idea to make your slots experience a winning one is to play on flat machines first and not to go for the progressive machines for the mean time. Other than checking if a slot machine is a progressive one or not, you should also see if denomination of a machine will fit your bankroll. Slot machines play using different denominations. You have machines that use nickels, others are dollar machines, you also have five-dollar machines, and a host of other denominations.

Make up your mind how much you want to spend in one hour and how many spins you're willing make in a minute. If you plan to spin thrice in a minute and plan to play on dollar machines then you're going to use $180 of your bankroll. If you can't afford that then you should go for a lower denomination machine.

When you're done playing don't forget to cash out and take your club card out of the machine. You might like to inquire what comps or freebies you can get with the points you earned so far using your club card. Basically that's how your first slots session will go. Good luck with your next slots sessions.