Slot Machine Myths About Winning the Game

The gambling world is really laced with myths. Every game in a casino seems to have their own set of myths that players pass along. Most of these gambling myths have to do with what's lucky and what's not. More often than not, every myth has a "mystical" recommendation about what a player should do to win. We'll check out some myths about good luck practices when you play on slot machines.

Our first slot machine myth says that it is luckier for a player to use the lever. When the slot machine was invented it had mechanical reels and mechanical handles/levers. People got used to playing slot machines using levers, which explains why a lot of people prefer using them. This is also the basis of this myth. Nowadays, whether you use the lever or the play button it does the same trick. Neither is luckier than the other is.

Our next good luck myth is also based on the same principle. Our next myth says that you'd be luckier if use coins on the slot machine rather than using credits (i.e. bar coded ticket with credits). An extension of this myth is to use either hot coins or cold coins. New slot machines today use bar coded tickets that give you credits to play the game. But the coin slots are also still in use. Either way you use credits to play on a slot machine.

Since people have gotten used to putting coins in the slot machine, they have felt that using coins bring more luck. Additionally, there is no such thing as a temperature sensor on the coin slot so there is no point putting either a hot or a cold coin in it.

Next myth also deals with temperatures. A slot machine that has been having a cold streak (as the myth goes) is about to turn hot any moment so it's best we pick that machine to play on. This myth is based on the idea that slot machines have a memory or record of how long it has generated losing combinations that when this has gone on for some time it is said that that slot machine about to get "hot". Meaning that this particular slot machine is about to make a huge pay out to a lucky player. The fact is there is no record of previous spins made by a slot machine.

Knowing how slot machines of today work helps clarify the myths surrounding our favorite game. So the next time you plan to put those coins in the freezer, think about what we've discussed regarding how slot machines really work.